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Discover the endless creative print options with digital true white ink.

The event will cover digital true white ink topics including creative applications, who wants to print with digital true white ink and the solutions digital true white ink can bring to your projects.

Event is free. Depending on which session you choose, breakfast or lunch is provided. Free parking

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Endless Creative Options

The ability to print amazing whites with digital white ink expands your options and presents a wider range of creative possibilities. Think about printing business cards with white type on rich colored papers. How about using the white ink as a background, placing four-color images on top?

Who Wants to Print with White Ink?

Every designer you’ve ever met, that’s who. But until recently, the limitations for printing on colored papers led designers to pursue specialty processes like foil stamping or blind embossing. The advent of digital white ink has opened a path where designers once dared not tread.

Digital White Ink vs. Traditional White Ink

What’s different about printing white inks digitally compared to litho-printing them? Traditional white inks are too translucent to get a true, bright, solid white without several passes through the press. Digital white ink prints as true white on colored paper. Printing digitally, multiple impressions can be made on press to increase the visual impact.

Event at a Glance

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Elliot Bay Marina
2601 W Marina Pl
Seattle, WA 98199

DRESS: Casual

Breakfast Session: 9am to 10:30am
Lunch Session: 11:30am to 1pm

Breakfast/Lunch and Beverages Provided

Lunch and Learn

(206) 448-9100

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